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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Toronto

Are your hardwood floors in Toronto in need of care and attention? Rest assured that you’re in the right place as since 1992 our speciality is wood floor installation and refinishing.

We enjoy restoring ignored, outdated and worn hardwood floors in the GTA area. Hardwood floor finishing is our passion and speciality. For us, hardwood refinishing is an art that we have mastered. Allow highly skilled hardwood professionals to handle all aspects of your hardwood floor refinishing.

Your Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists

Did you know the many options available when it comes to refinishing hardwood floors?

For starters, there are colour choices. For example, hardwood floor can remain it’s natural original look, or you can stain them to reflect a totally different colour. However, it all depends on the type of wood you have. There are a few finishing options to consider. For instance, depending on the finish you wish to achieve, you can choose a hard wax oil finish or an authentic water-based finish. Remember, any wood floor pictures you see in magazines can be replicated. Working with a hardwood floor refinishing specialist will ensure you get the perfect finish for your home. At KMAX Hardwood Flooring, we have years of experience servicing Mississauga, and the GTA. It would be our pleasure to make your hardwood flooring dreams a true reality. We can transform your existing hardwood floors to shine, while increasing the lifespan of your prized hardwood floors.

How do we do hardwood floor refinishing?

Step 1

We prepare the rooms and set up required equipment

Before any floor sanding takes place, the entire area needs to be spotless. No job begins without adequately preparing the space first. This means that any nails will be removed, and if floor repairs are necessary, the repairs will take place before the sanding starts. Then, our floor professionals will set up the dustless floor sanding equipment, followed by sweeping, and vacuuming the entire area. Our work is clean to perform a professional job.

Step 2

Sanding down the floor to bare natural wood

Once the wood is restored to its natural state, our professionals will begin to remove rough sanding marks. Using a higher grit of sandpaper, we’re able to create a perfect, beautiful smooth surface. If this were a new wood floor installation, it’s during step 3 that a professional would fill the floor with putty.

Step 3

Detailed fine sanding and filler

Once all the previous steps are completed, it's time to install the hardwood floor. Depending on the type of hardwood flooring material, a few different techniques are used to establish the flooring. In the Toronto area, the most popular installation technique is the glue-down method. Do you have questions about other installation methods? Rest assured, we are here to help!

Step 4

Attention to detail finishes and clean up

At this point, everything is done by hand. We pay close attention to detail to touch up any final needs. We use hand scrapers to reach difficult to reach spots that the sanders cannot reach. We work hard to reach under radiators, corners, and along the sides of trim. By standing these tough to reach areas by hand, we’re able to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Of course, no job is complete without a professional clean-up and vacuum to get ready for step 5.

Step 5

Hardwood floor staining (optional)

If you want to change the colour of your hardwood floor, this is your chance! At this stage, we apply pre-colour treatments or stain, to match your desired outcome. In Toronto, we are the hardwood floor staining experts. Always be sure to hire professionals who are experienced with wood staining as the flooring project can go wrong very quickly without the right experience and skill.

Step 6

Apply the finishing coats

Now, it’s time to apply the finish. Depending on the type of finish you desire, more or less coats will be required. For example, multi-coat finishes require the floor to breath between coats. We always vacuum to eliminate any debris to ensure a fully contaminant-free clean surface.

Information to consider

Have you refinished your hardwood floors before? Floors can only be refinished so many times before they become too thin, and therefore cannot be sanded anymore. This is between 3-6 refinishing’s.

When the hardwood floor cannot be refinished anymore, a new hardwood floor will need to be installed. .

Our speciality service involves diagnosing if your floor can be refinished. It’s very important to not work with a hardwood floor company that will not grind off more surface than required, which would reduce the lifespan of your precious hardwood floors.

Thanks to years of experience, we do a beautiful and professional job of removing as little of the surface layer as possible. We always know what is best for the kind of hardwood floor you have. .

With KMAX flooring, receive the desired beautiful finish that you want, without damaging the lifespan of your floor. We ensure your floor has plenty of surface required if you wish to refinish the floors again in the future.

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How long does it take to refinish hardwood

Can we stay within the home during the hardwood floor refinishing process

Dustless Stairs Renovation

Dust and debris can be bothersome, especially for those with allergies. However, at KMAX hardwood flooring and stair renovation, we are proud of our dustless stair renovation services. Toronto residents are satisfied with our clean, immaculate and dustless renovations. How do we perform dustless stair renovations? Keep reading to find out!



Experienced Stair Restoration Services

After 28 years of experience with sanding, refinishing, and installing staircases all over Toronto, we are your #1 choice for any stair project. A lot of proper care and attention goes into a stair renovation. Only the best hardwood floor experts should be hired for the job as caution is needed not to harm the spindles, risers and stringers. While stairs seem like less surface area than a large floor, they require a significant amount of attention to detail and years of experience to get the job done correctly.

2 Types of Dustless Stair Renovations

Type 1

Stairs Recapping

Here, we are replacing carpeted stairs with beautiful solid hardwood treads. We will altogether remove any old carpet and replace it with custom stairs, made with only quality oak, maple, walnut or hickory. The choice is yours. Thankfully the staining and finishing process is performed on-site, therefore your house is still accessible throughout the renovation.

Type 2

Stairs sand and refinishing

After years of wear and tear, it's only natural that you're interested in re-sanding and refinishing your solid wood stairs. Some residents of Toronto perform stair restorations when they no longer match brand new hardwood floors. Depending on your needs, we can sand existing hardwood threads by completely removing the existing varnish and stain. Then, we can re-stain the stairs to match your elegant floors.

Stairs renovation process



How long does it take to refinish hardwood

Can we stay within the home during the hardwood floor refinishing process

Floor Repairs

GTA Hardwood Flooring Repairs to revitalize your floors!

A lot of houses in the GTA area need professional hardwood flooring. Regardless of whether the damage came from pets, pot plants, or other causes, a professional must fix hardwood that is missing, chipped, gouged, or cupped. Rest assured, at KMAX, hardwood floor repairs are our specialty. We can fix all of your hardwood flooring repair needs!

Floor Repairs

Does your floor have damaged sections? Have faith in KMAX hardwood flooring repairs to repair damaged areas to connect to the rest of your flooring seamlessly. Prepared to be surprised as you won't even know the damage was initially there!

Are you in the middle of household renovations? Have you opened or removed any walls to find that you need a professional flooring company to create a seamless look between rooms? We can assist in matching the flooring, creating a flawless, smooth finish.

Our services include hardwood flooring repairs of any floor size, wood type, wood grade, and wood milling to create a seamless look throughout your home. We will ensure the new floor matches with the rest of your hardwood flooring, creating a beautiful natural look.After we perform the flooring repair, we will sand, stain, and finish the new hardwood floor to meet your custom desires.



When you need a floor repair Repairs are best done as part of a full hardwood floor restoration. A specialist will need to come over to assess the damage and provide a solution for how to fix it. This is completed in your in-home estimate appointment. Are you looking for more information, or want a professional to diagnose your floor damage? Contact us today.


How long does it take to refinish hardwood

Can we stay within the home during the hardwood floor refinishing process

Hardwood Instalations

Be sure to have your hardwood floor installed by a local professional company. KMAX hardwood flooring is here to help! We've been installing elegant hardwood floors for over 28 years. Are you looking to increase the equity in your home? One way to do so is by installing new hardwood flooring! We do all types of solid wood flooring. Rest assured that we can make your hardwood floor dreams an actual reality. If you’re looking for solid wood flooring, engineered flooring, glue down options, or nailed options, we have you covered.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation Toronto
At KMAX hardwood flooring, we specialize in installing site finished wood flooring. All our flooring installations are certified by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and we offer all clients a Lifetime Structural Warranty. All of our installers are fully insured, with liability insurance and WSIB covered. We service the GTA

We Supply Materials!

What type of flooring do you desire? Rest assured that we take care of sourcing materials and installation. During our free in-house consultation, our flooring specialists can bring over free samples of material. This includes hardwood floor, engineered floor, laminate, vinyl chevron and herringbone patterns. We want your floors to last, and only install high-quality materials that our specialists source themselves. Benefit from factory direct pricing when you buy and install hardwood flooring with KMAX.

The hardwood floor installation process

Step 1

Flooring delivery and acclimation

Before any work begins, it's essential for the wood first to become acclimatized to your household environment. After you select your desired hardwood floor, we will have it delivered to your house. Sit back, and relax as Canadian hardwood is delivered right to your door.

Step 2

Removal and sub-floor preparation

If your floor is currently covered with laminate, carpet, tile, or vinyl flooring, we will eradicate it to prepare the sub-floor. We need the sub-floor to be completely flat before the installation begins. If there are any high or low points on the sub-floor, our technicians will work to grind down or fill in those targeted areas.

Step 3

Wood floor installation begins

Once all the previous steps are completed, it's time to install the hardwood floor. Depending on the type of hardwood flooring material, a few different techniques are used to establish the flooring. In the Toronto area, the most popular installation technique is the glue-down method. Do you have questions about other installation methods? Rest assured, we are here to help!

Step 4

Trims installation

Once your floor is installed we are performing installation of trims to such us baseboards, doorstop or Q-round to cover the expansion gap between installed hardwood floor and the wall.

Step 5

Clean up

Rest assured that we clean up after all projects. Throughout each process, we clean thoroughly as we enjoy working in a clean space. A clean space is necessary for a successful wood floor installation.